Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Specialist in Salt Lake City

Advanced Pediatric Care to Help Give Your Baby a Healthier Start to Life

If your baby suffered from withdrawal symptoms after being exposed to opioids in the womb, this doesn’t make you make a bad mom. It makes you a mom who loves her child with all her heart, but has struggled with a chronic medical condition that requires extensive treatment to overcome.

While many assume neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) only affects babies born to women already addicted to opioids prior to conceiving, any expectant mom prescribed opioids is at risk of passing the drug to her baby in utero. In fact, 20% of pregnant women are provided with opioids by their physician, and without proper medical oversight and treatment, their dependence on the painkiller only grows.
The good news is, neonatal opioid withdrawal is treatable, especially when your newborn receives treatment immediately after birth and specialty care in the weeks and months to follow. Through a personalized care plan and ongoing support from a compassionate pediatrician, the probability of long-term health and developmental problems drops significantly.

Every 25 minutes in the U.S., a baby is born with neonatal opioid withdrawal.

A newborn who is affected by NOWS
Dr. Diaz-Ochu helping a baby overcome neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome

Dr. Margie Diaz-Ochu—Helping Families Overcome Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome

Before opening Bee Home Pediatrics, Dr. Diaz-Ochu helped treat infants recovering from in utero opioid exposure through the University of Utah SUPeRAD program. Her ability to not only medically wean newborns off opioids, but also provide their parents with psychological and emotional support helped improve outcomes for families across the Salt Lake City region.

Dr. Diaz-Ochu’s commitment to ensuring moms and babies received ongoing care after discharge inspired her to make neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) management a cornerstone of her new private practice. Today, Dr. Diaz-Ochu offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating NOWS that focuses on monitoring your baby’s health, offering soothing and calming techniques to help ease their symptoms, screening for neurodevelopment complications, and recommending medical interventions if needed—in addition to all the healthcare services you can expect from an experienced pediatrician.

Just as important as caring for your baby is caring for you. As you continue on your own road to recovery, Dr. Diaz-Ochu will be by your side with the support and encouragement you need. She’s not here to judge your past, but celebrate the steps you’re taking to improve your entire family’s well-being.

Most babies suffering from NOWS get better within weeks if they receive ongoing care (March of Dimes).

Substance Use in Pregnancy? Trust Your Baby’s Care to an NOWS Expert

As a mom, you’re the best treatment for your baby during the critical time. By providing quality care in a comfortable, trusting environment, Dr. Diaz-Ochu will work with you to overcome the impact of opioids on your new family and empower you to become a confident caregiver to help your baby thrive. Learn more about our neonatal opioid withdrawal treatment today at 435-513-PEDS.

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