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Why Direct Pay Pediatric Care is All the Buzz

At Bee Home Pediatrics in Salt Lake City, we believe all children are underserved when it comes to healthcare today. Insurance companies are requiring pediatricians to take on more patients than they can handle and wrapping care in red tape so tight, a child’s needs often come second to their profits.
Through our direct-pay membership model, Dr. Margie Diaz-Ochu and the Bee Home Pediatrics team are able to devote as much time as needed to develop a personal relationship with your family. Our simple pricing structure allows us to keep our practice small so we can tailor care plans to your child and better monitor their overall health year after year. Plus, with same-day appointments that fit your busy schedule, house calls that allow your family to skip the waiting room, and coordination of specialty medical care, Bee Home is the pediatrician’s office you’ve been wishing for!
Dr. Diaz-Ochu devoting as much time as needed to develop a personal relationship with your family
An infant being weighed and measured so the pediatrician can check to see what percentile they are in for their age

How Does Direct Patient Care Work?

Any family can enroll as Bee Home members for a low, one-time cost. Once you join Bee Home, your family’s monthly membership fee covers all of your child’s wellness check-ups, sick visits, screenings, and sports and camp physicals throughout the year. In addition, you have direct access to Dr. Diaz-Ochu by phone, text, or email.

While Bee Home does not accept insurance for our pediatric services, we recommend that all families keep their children on their insurance plan to cover unexpected emergencies that require hospital visits or referrals to chronic care specialists.

Book Your Free Consultation

The best way to understand direct patient care is to schedule a visit with Dr. Diaz-Ochu. She’ll learn more about your child and discuss membership options. From there, you can decide if Bee Home if the right fit for your family!

teenager having a check up
A toddler knowing that Dr. Diaz-Ochu makes in-home visits so she doesn’t need to feel afraid to go to the doctor’s office anymore

The Benefits of Patient-Centered Care

No more waiting

You no longer have to wait days when your little one is sick or months to get a well-child exam. We can schedule most visits within one day of your call, if not the same day.

Longer appointments

Dr. Diaz-Ochu devotes 60-90 minutes to your child at each visit to provide the highest quality of care and ensure all of your questions are answered.

In-home visits

With Bee Home, your home becomes your child’s personal pediatric clinic. House calls are included free for members who live within 10 miles of the office, with a small additional fee for those residing outside of our neighborhood.

Accessible specialty care

Dr. Diaz-Ochu has clinical experience working with “at risk” patients, including infants with in utero opioid exposure and NICU graduates.

A stronger physician-parent-patient relationship

By spending more time with her patients, Dr. Diaz-Ochu can better identify developmental delays, behavioral health issues, and medical warning signs.

Quality Pediatric Care is Just a Call Away

To discover what each level of membership includes and find a wellness visit schedule by age, please click on an option below.

For more information on becoming a Bee Home family member, contact our office in Salt Lake City at 435-513-PEDS.

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